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Technical & Creative Monthly Support Packages

While some customers find that their label and initial training meets all their business and customer requirements, some want to advance their knowledge of design, of label functionality and of new product features.

In fact regardless of the customer’s level of comfort and expertise with their label and online system, we strongly advise that all customers purchase some form of support package. This enables all customers to get optimal usage and benefits from their labels. It is also works out to be more cost effective than adopting an attitude of let’s wait and see if we need support.

Our Support Packages are tailored to meet this ongoing training and development needs and are competitively priced, compared to formal design and other digital training courses.

The following levels of support are available for all customers:

Light User - $200 Per Month

This support package allows for basic support for 12 months at $200 per month. Includes basic technical and creative support. It also comprises a few updates of label per month up to 3 hours of work.

Professional User - $400 Per Month

This support package allows for the more serious, heavier user to upgrade their skills and knowledge base. Subscribers to this package pay 12 months minimum at $400 per month. It includes a few moderate level label changes of up to 6 hours of work.

Advanced User - $800 Per Month

This support package allows for the advanced user, wanting major upgrades and more advanced knowledge of the labels. Subscribers to this package pay 12 months minimum of $800 per month. Changes/updates per month are not to exceed 12 hours of work.

PLEASE NOTE: *Time in not stackable. Rates are based on average usage over the term so we can offer a discounted monthly rate.

Technical Requirements & Conditions

If the technical fault is found to be at our end you will not be charged for assessment and the fixing or solving of the solution.

However if it is found that the fault or malfunction of your label is due to improper usage by yourself, you will be charged for the full technical assessment and fixing of the technical fault.

In the event the cause of your technical issue is unknown, you will be charged the full expenses for fixing of the fault.

In the case of bulk hour maintenance packages, the minimum billable time is 1 hour. After this the billing will be based on half-hour time segments.

Please note too that your Project Manager’s time is automatically billed as 20% of total time for all projects. This is standard industry practice.

Payment for support packages requires an initial 50% upfront payment. The remainder of the payment must be made when the usage of the support package commences.

To find out which level of Support Package is right for you, phone one of our friendly team to discuss your personal business requirements
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