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Label Payment Terms

Purchasing a web label from us is very easy. The terms are 100% of the full cost to initiate the label production work and our obligations to you.

Details on how you can pay for your web label can be found on the page; Purchasing your web label

It is generally accepted that you will have familiarized yourself with the label set up process before you contact us and agree to us working on configuring your chosen web label. By paying the purchase fee you signify that you have read the label set up process and terms and conditions as outlined below. We cannot be held responsible for the fact you may not have understood the process involved, terms and conditions, or our obligations of delivery.

General Terms & Conditions

  • Delivery Schedule: For each label the production a ‘time to delivery’ schedule will be given to you once the payment has been approved. Please note that whilst every attempt within our power will be made to adhere to all timelines given, the technical nature of digital web production can result in unforeseen delays which we will not be held responsible for.
  • Office Opening Hours: Our office opening hours are 9am-5pm, Sunday – Thursday (GMT +4). We do not work on weekends and outside of the hours listed above. Public holidays and celebrations can also affect delivery of your product so please ensure you are aware of future delays of this nature to avoid any frustrations arising.
  • Prices Listed: All prices displayed on this website (and associated promotional material) does not include the purchase (on our behalf for you) of stock images, stock music, photography or other out-of-pocket costs, unless clearly stated in the documents associated with that label. If you would like us to use stock media during the production of your project you should purchase the media yourself and then send it to us for use in the production process.

    A few good websites we can recommend are Shutterstock, iStockPhoto and Getty Images. Note; if you use media from the public domain, unlicensed, or elect to send us media for use in the design of any of your label artwork we will not accept responsibility for any breaches of copyright of said media initiated by yourself.
  • Receiving Payment: Technical configurations on your chosen label will not begin until the full 100% payment is received from yourself and reflected as such on our banking financial statements. We do not in any circumstance begin configurations of your label with part payment or non-payment.
  • Refund Policy: Due to the low cost nature of the product we DO NOT offer refunds on this service should you not be 100% satisfied. Every effort is made to ensure that you are fully aware of the service that you are purchasing and the set up process before you enter into an agreement with us.

    Should you have any questions about our refund policy, or should you like to get more clarity around the label service then feel free to contact us for a discussion, we are open 9am-5pm, Sunday – Thursday.
  • Delays in Payment from you to Traffic will result in overall delays to the label project delivery timeline that we may have quoted (through documents, emails or verbally), of which we will not be held accountable. This point is particularly important to note, as an invoice processed by ourselves and delivered to yourself in no way signifies the start of the label configuration project or that both parties are under contract only payment signifies start of a project.
  • Web Hosting/Domain Purchase: The web label price given on this website or any other promotional material does not include website hosting or company domain registration fees made on your behalf. Web hosting and domain name purchase is always best completed by yourself to ensure that you are the sole holder of important business related intellectual property and trademark ownership(s).

    We can assist with choosing a very reputable hosting partner, please contact us for further information on this matter.
  • Client Servicing Requests: The cost is inclusive of 3 face to face meetings with your assigned Client Service team member (If you are based in United Arab Emirates, if not then we will hold the meetings on skype or through video conference) at key milestones of the web label production process. If a Client Service representative requires further meetings/discussions there will be no additional charge, however further meetings beyond the allotted 3 that are requested by you will be chargeable.

    Client servicing time allotted to each account.
    1) Project Initiation
    2) Design Concept Feedback
    3) Development feedback
  • Design Samples Provided: We will initially provide 1 label design concept in regards to your label purchase. Should you (the client) not be 100% satisfied we will provide 2 more design configuration concepts. Any further design concepts will be charged additionally.
  • Feedback on Work: We will require full and conclusive feedback at each stage of the project to be provided in a consolidated format by yourself (or the resource you have elected to provide feedback). One round of feedback at each stage of the project (Design, HTML, and Development) will be accepted as part of the costs to us.

    Please note; Professionalism is important to us. Changeable or indecisive attitudes to commissioning work from service providers are not accepted by us and are universally accepted as being challenging to deal with, and at best inconsiderate to those (our technicians) who are concerned with delivering you a product based on our promises and to the very best of their abilities. Do try to be organized and conclusive in your feedback at all times.
  • Requesting Extra Features: If you requested additional work or web features outside of the original scope of the label you purchased at the start/during/end of the label production process, we will first complete the original label build scope, and then any outstanding payment should be settled before commencing with any additional work or plugging in of new features etc...
  • Inactivity On Your Account: In the event your label construction project is inactive for a period of 30 days or more and this delay is caused by yourself, we then reserve the right to re-quote you (the client) for the entire project, increase in label production cost over that time period, or to cancel the project without refund (see refund policy above).
  • Validity and Expiry of Prices: All sale prices provided to you (the client) in invoice format are valid for a period of one month (28 days) from date of invoice issue. Should you wish to approve your project after this period has elapsed, you may be subject to changes in production costing and production timelines dependent on the availability of resources, or an increase in the cost of the label you were originally quoted upon. Should this be the case you will be issued a new invoice.
  • Complaints Policy: We aim to always provide the best service we possibly can. However should you be unhappy with our web label service(s) at any point during your interaction with us we welcome your feedback immediately. Our escalation process is Account Executive > Account Director > Account Manager > Client Services Director.

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