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What we Configure on Labels

It is important that you fully understand what is changeable within your chosen label and what is not.

So please read this page carefully to avoid misunderstanding arising once you have purchased your label.

To get more information on each label we have included a small configuration guide which gives you a general overview of what we change according to your specs and what is restricted from change.
Look out for this icon, if you click on it the “Configuration PDF” will appear.

What we Configure on Labels

General overview on what we change for you

1. Add your logo
2. Change font style and size
3. Change colours to match you’re branding
4. Design 3 x Homepage Banners
5. Change icon colours (if icons are part of this solution) to match your branding
6. Hook the web label up to your payment processing

Adding Your Content

We have made our labels easy to manage, and by using the CMS (Content Management System) that comes installed in every label that we offer you will be able to add your text and image based content as you wish.

Note: Due to the low cost nature of this solution we do not add content for you to your own website. Our remit is to configure the brand look and feel over our off the shelf labels, install the label on your server, configure the domain and give you training on the CMS.

Hosting Your Label

If you already have hosting – Please consult our team before purchasing a label to make sure that it is compatible with your hosting server set up. This will save any issues down the line.

If you do not have hosting – If you are looking for good hosting companies and don’t know where to start we will be happy to recommend some to you.

Setting up your label on your hosting under your chosen domain name is included in the price of the solution.

Note: We do not offer hosting services, nor do we host client’s websites. It is up to the client to purchase their own hosting from a reputable third party hosting supplier and provide us the details necessary to upload and configure your website. We accept no responsibility for any issues caused to you by third party hosting solution providers nor do we facilitate any communications between you and said third party supplier.

Alternatively if you have an experienced technical member on your team you can set the label up yourself should you so wish (please note; if you elect to do this we accept no liability against any breakages, misconfigurations or degradation of our labels caused by your team member. And you could incur charges for any repairs we have to make in light of damage caused, repair charges are undertaken at approx. $150 per hour.

Configuring your Domain

We will configure your domain name and make sure it points to your new website once it is installed on your server. There is no extra charge for this as this service is included in the price of the label that you have purchased.

Note: We do not purchase domains on behalf of any of our clients, however we do offer consultation on how best to undertake this process, and advise on the most reliable third party services deemed by the Company to provide good quality and professionally reliable means of registering Domains.

We will assist you with the following;

Assist the Client in the registration of the Client’s requested domain name with the appropriate authority.
As often required for web services set up - handle all security sensitive data associated to the Client’s domain including account information, Client names and passwords in accordance with our confidentiality agreement and professionally recognized codes of conduct and data protection.
Alert the Client should the Company find any issues associated with the services provided by the third party domain registration Company allowing the Client to take prompt action to assist the Company with upholding web services contracted out to Company by Client.
Advise Client if the domain name is due to expire.

Purchasing a domain is your responsibility and this is not included in the cost of your label.

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