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10 Benefits of WordPress to power your company’s website

WordPress is the most popular global web design software. Means there is a lot of support as well as developers willing to share knowledge and applets! Continually refreshed with new designs and widgets. Many of these are free or inexpensive compared to paying for a web designer to design your corporate website.

One of the reasons that WordPress is so popular is that it has an easy, intuitive look and feel about it. In addition to this a user can quickly pick up new knowledge from online forums or by attending one of the global WordPress meetings organized in most major cities.

Off the shelf product. WordPress Comes ready to go for both the novice user and for the advanced user. What this means is that even someone new to WordPress can make quite a slick, professional-looking site. The ability to post blog posts is there as soon as a template has been selected by the user.It is also easy to build up a following by having e-mail or RSS subscriptions to followers of your blog. It is also really straightforward to build up cross-branding relationships by having links to other similar sites on your web site.

Management and administration. The entire site and domain names and registration are managed by you. In addition, you can access the WordPress blog from any computer, from any device (Tablet, smart phone, laptop or desktop) on any platform (Android, IOS, PC).

Control. You and your company maintain control of the web site. You get to decide what comments are approved. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about the spam aspect. WordPress manages this behind the scenes. Only the odd spam comment passes through and you decide whether to accept or reject that even.

Scalability. Whether you are a sole trader, a small business or looking to grow to become a large corporate enterprise, WordPress has the capacity to grow with you and customize your site as your business and design needs change. This is not always the case with web design software.

Design. The ease of customizing WordPress is a major benefit. The user simply selects features and themes they want to add to their site. They can view the look and feel and navigation before applying the theme. This saves so much time in the early stages of launching a new web site. Instead of being concerned about design, the user can focus on the quality and timely content of blog posts.
In addition to the ease of designing the WordPress website, the administrators at WordPress even give tips on what themes suit certain industries.
When it comes to your corporate branding, this is easily achieved with the ability to upload images, logos and text typeface into your new WordPress blog.

Multiple Users. Once you have set yourself up as Administrator, you can assign multiple users within your company. They can have varying levels of access and editing rights and there is no extra cost for having more than one user. Normally with software, it is common to charge per user or per seat.

HTML knowledge. Many software packages for web sites require some HTML code knowledge. With WordPress none is assumed or required. Instead the user selects widgets from a menu on the dashboard when they want to add new web features. This saves the training of administrators. It also enables them to quickly build up quite advanced sites, incorporating Word documents, images and video files in blog posts.

SEO. There is absolutely no need for any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knowledge by the user. Neither is there a need to spend big money employing an SEO Consultant. WordPress relies on tags which represent subjects or Meta tags. These are what SEO spiders use to rank sites and make them more accessible to Google searchers. The simplicity of code in WordPress is favored by SEO spiders. To provide your target audience with more specific details you have a Title and Description field to tell them exactly what your company does in terms of products and services.

Functionality capability. While the user can start with a simple WordPress site, over time the sophistication of the site can be easily increased. This is done by adding Plug-Ins; these are pieces of code that will add new functionality to web sites without the user knowing any code. Included in these Plug-Ins are automatic links to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

In summary, we can see that WordPress has many benefits. It really is the best place for a company to start if they want an inexpensive and easily built website. Most importantly, they can hit the ground running day one, blogging and posting content on their site with a professional-looking,  pre-branded corporate site at much less the cost of having a developer build the website.

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